Wendy Newman, LCSW

Mind-Body Disorders

flowers1I became interested in TMS (tension myoneural syndrome), or PPD(psychophysiolic disorders), in 2005 after witnessing a family member who was suffering from chronic and debilitating sciatic pain. The pain developed soon after he sold a successful family business, which he had run for 25 years. After a year of searching for relief through a variety of physical modalities, he consulted Dr. John Sarno and began his journey through TMS treatment, attending Dr. Sarno’s lectures and beginning psychotherapy with a TMS trained psychotherapist. After several months his pain and suffering abated and has never returned except for occasional brief “reminders” when there is something pressing that needs his attention. He now knows when his body is “talking to him” and he can rather quickly identify some stress that is at the root of his physical pain.

After witnessing his dramatic relief, I began to spread the word about TMS and proceeded to study treatment techniques to help clients in my own practice. At one point, I experienced my own episode of TMS manifested by agonizing sciatic pain. The symptoms abated in a few weeks once I became aware that I, too, was susceptible to this phenomenon. My brain must have been urging me to experience the real deal to be better equipped to help my clients!

Through intensive training with the esteemed Dr. Arlene Feinblatt, the psychologist who has worked with Dr. Sarno for over 40 years, I am now treating TMS and PPD patients. I utilize techniques from psychodynamic therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR and Somatic Experiencing to help my clients achieve lasting relief from their symptoms. My aim is to help clients reframe the meaning of their pain, to identify what psychological issues underlie their physical symptoms, and to work toward directly addressing these issues.