Wendy Newman, LCSW

About Me

IMG_0062I have a Masters Degree in Social Work from New York University and am a New Jersey Licensed Clinical Social Worker. In addition, I have a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition from Columbia University and am a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist.

Recently, I completed the program in psychoanalytic psychotherapy  at the Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of NJ. I am also trained in EMDR, which has been shown to be very effective in dealing with past trauma and abuse. I believe that the connection between mind and body is important and integrate mind/body theories such as mindfulness and imagery in my work.

Many of my clients seek treatment because they are struggling in relationships, have day to day family and work stressors that feel overwhelming, have unresolved grief, feel like something is missing in their lives, or feel depressed and anxious much of the time.

For clients with unresolved food and weight issues, I am able to combine my scientific knowledge of food and nutrition with my training in psychodynamic, insight-oriented psychotherapy to help men and women uncover the deeper meaning and purpose of their food-related behaviors. I have been successful in helping my clients heal their relationship with food and achieve lasting peace around their food, weight and body image issues.

Another area in which I have specialized training is in helping clients who have chronic pain that has been determined to have a mind/body component. These symptoms are frequently the body’s way of manifesting deep emotions that have been unrecognized and unexpressed. I have helped people achieve lasting relief of chronic back, sciatic, shoulder and neck pain, headaches, digestive problems and panic attacks.